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React Native Workshop @ HELP College 2019

Hi there, it has been a while since the last post. I just conducted my React Native workshop in HELP College for the 3rd time and I guess 3rd time a charm? This time I conducted it with a nice GitBook course material, where I took a few days to create and most of the attendee are able to go though it even those that have no prior programming knowledge.

Really glad everything went well especially with the lecturer, staff and my brother and his friend’s help. Everything went smoothly and all of them learnt something useful.

The nicest thing happened in the workshop is that I taught them how easy it is to create React component, styling as well as how to read the React Native documentation where they went wild and explore all kinds of other component that I did not cover. I was impressed and happy that they went ahead and explorer, which is the goal of the tutorial, showing them what is possible and enabling them to create apps with their own hand.

Next I would need to conduct two related talks regarding React Native Web and Expo Web in iflix and Fave office in Malaysia. It’s gonna be an exciting week ahead, other than the anxiety and procrastination :D

PS: Have to thanks Evan Bacon for his own GitBook on Expo Web which inspired me to do the same.