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Rant July 4

What keeps you going? Motivation? Interest? Money? Responsibility? To me non of that seems to matter, as I’m able to figure my way around it and dive into the hole of abyss. Feeling yucky and disgusted by myself and the vicious cycle continue as I conduct one escape after the other.

I figured out that if I’m dealing with human, I can talk my way out of doing x task. Be it submitting a work, deploy an app or washing the dishes. If is dealing with a system in let’s say an organisation I would force myself to complete said task as it is not easy to game the system. Assignment due on x date have to be submitted on x date unless I’m able to convince the lecturer to postponed or change the date which is not an easy task.

Recently I had switched my job from a startup to a corporate and I’ve been having a pretty productive life until the end of the “stories”.

What is “stories” you ask? In a SCRUM development team we have feature to be developed that are called stories. Stories usually encompass a few Acceptance Criteria such as User able to login. User will be presented with the dashboard after login. Dashboard screen consist of x item.

Due to the changing need of the business and product. We ran out of stories and got winded down. We are all being delegated to do “bugfixing”. It was chill, nice and no worries. But exactly due to that I went stupid and into the abyss. Due to the fact that it is no commitment nevermind style when it comes to most of the bugs. I just take days to finish one silly bug… If i were being forced, I can finish it in 2 hours instead of the 2 days I’m taking to do it now.

The more I worked the more I understand how myself work. I saw it somewhere saying that we are our worse enemy, we know ourselve the best thus make use of that to make yourself to do what you want. Expolitation and motivation that is how you should make yourself productive I thought.

Good news is I got transfered to another project, and my manager told me that this would be more relaxed than my previous assignment and that there will be more POC and lesser demanding oversea superior.

Exciting times ahead… hope I get to do cooler stuff… making my resume more sexy and getting experience that I cant get elsewhere.

God speed…

End of rant :P