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Project Beluga

toddler stares at staircase

Another day another “startup” but this time round, I’m not leading the charge.

That day my BA/SCRUM master was sitting at the pantry. I went ahead and do what I should do instead of “running away”. I did the hard thing, not the easy and ignorance nobody see me and run easy thing.

I was new in the company, I should talk to people I said to myself, and I sat down. “Hey Nic”, I said, then we proceed to talk about some general life stuff. Then he suddenly stroke me with, “Hey Joel, I have this idea…“. Immediately I know where is this heading.

The nice thing this round is that my friend/colleague is leading the charge. He created “sprints” in Jira, talked to potential customers, researched about funding options and discussed with me and my cool BE “tech lead” colleague/friend. It was cool and nice, really enjoyed the time and discussion we had.

Now we just need to get started and get things done.


PS: One of the reason I went ahead and write this blog post that I did not intend to write is all because of this person Malcolm. He is a superb React developer, dedicating his time teaching people React.js for free. I saw his blog and be like “Hey! He wrote a blog post every single month!, aren’t that what I wanted to do but I didn’t?“. And there goes my blog post…