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I am a chronic procrastinator

I always thought that my dad was wrong. “No I did not sleep and expect the issues will get solved by itself, I totally did not…”, I said to myself deep within.

But do I?

I love to take on projects. From calendar that upgrade your life, to tinder food app that are supposed to solve all your “what to eat dilemma”, to farmbot that would democratise farmers access to modern technology, to kickstarting a titanium pen, to freelancing various of web and application development.

It really do seems like I’m a person that love to take on adventure and building awesome stuff.

But did I even completed them? Did any one of those came out successful? or even at come out at a usable form? LOL

Anyhow this is quite a nice article for fellow procrastinator out there. Hope it change your life at least by a bit. By taming the Instant Gratification Monkey.