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The First Post

You are here either because you’ve been doing research about me or you have been browsing some old post in this blog because of an interesting article that I’ve posted. 😏

This post will serve as an introduction on why and how (technical aspect) I started this blog.


The main reason that I have started this blog is for it to serve as a personal space. A space where I can write down my thoughts, coding related post or just about anything that I personally have interest on, be it AI or AR plus maybe a podcast of my own in the not too far future.

Btw I was probably thinking something along the line of what is written here about having a personal brand. Plus I’m probably inspired by developer/entrepreneur like Marco Arment and maybe some other article from Hacker Noon as well.



Originally, I wanted to just start a Medium blog instead of reinventing the wheel. Thanks to our dear beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak. Medium, with its wonderful engineering blog post and inspiring article are DNS blocked in Malaysia. Yeah… of course I can by pass it with my Google DNS but my fellow Malaysian wouldn’t be able to read it 😢

Alternatives like the “self-hosted” Medium like blogging platform Ghost needs a proper server environment to run it. It would either cost like 5USD/month hosted by Ghost or free using Heroku but with all the troublesome stuff associated with it like setting up a brand new account as well as New Relic to ping it to ensure the blog doesn’t go to sleep every 30 min and taking up to a minute to wake up to serve you a humble post.

Saw some tweet about the ease of use and awesomeness of static site generator as well as static site hosting solution by Netlify as well as sharing by my dear beloved CTO from about JAM Stack and Surge. Then boom I created my own site with a few click of button on Netlify with this


  • Netlify + GitHub
  • Static site generator - Hugo/Gatsby

Well went to KLJS and was introduced on the awesomeness of Gatsby and almost switched to it instantly as I’m more familiar with JS and React instead of Hugo using Go lang LOL. Did not really realise Hugo was based on Go, that’s the reason why I couldn’t really able to customise it.

This was a fun little project, I will try my best to have at least one post per week and build my little own blogs and help out others with some coding guide on JS thing’s that I have learned that would be useful for many others like how not to use this.bind and jump staright to fat arrow with ES6 and stuff 😊