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Where did i get all those tech news you asked?

Here are some of the top site i visit almost in a daily basis, whether directly or consumed via apps such as Pulse or Flipboard.

The Verge, if you are looking for a daily news this is a good place to start. It doesn’t overcrowd you with news every minute but a nice summary or breaking news of the day ☺

Hacker News (Y Combinator), any crazy or super popular random tech site or new programming language or MH370 or just about any crazy stuff (generally tech related) you can find it here. It is based on a voting system where popular links are being upvoted to the top.

Lifehacker, this site is a bit more technical in the sense of teaching you how to make a OS X USB disk to Top 10 App you must download to How to make full use of your raspberry pi. If you like this site and want a more technical version and all kinds of nice tutorial such as making your own NAS or Configuring your WiFi newtork go check out HowToGeek.

If I get too bored I might go and read Gizmodo for other random tech news, Gizmodo is nice that it sometimes cover news that are not covered on other generic tech news site. Article related to AI or to how MCD nugget are made to Kim Kardashian LOL.

Techcrunch, is usually about the tech industry as whole or startup related stuff. It is a pretty good site to have an alternate view on a same topic.

ArsTechnica, if you are into super long article such as 10 page review of OS X Yosemite and various of interetsing tech topics

Wired is pretty good too but i seldom visit those site after all these tech news :P

The Wirecutter, is my favourite site when im in shopping mode. From the best laptop to the best standing desk to the best backpack to even an iPhone casing this is the site to visit. They did extensive review and their review is usually spot, high quality and they usually offer an cheaper alternative or the one to buy if you have an extra cash.

This list will be updated from time to time :P cheers