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From Startup to Corporate

Last year I made a decision, a decision that remove myself from the comfort zone that I have be in for the past 2 years.

Working in Vase is an experience that I would value for the rest of my life. Seeing how my company’s founders work with their blood and sweat. Building it piece by piece from 5 employees to 20 employees. Working painstakingly to get the company moving at the right direction and making sure that we are well feed and productive.

I’m in awe.

I was impressed and afraid. Afraid of starting a company myself, which I did before joining the company. I could understand part of their pain.

Starting a company is easy, maintaining one is hard.

What I want to write in this article is not about Vase. Nor is it about my life in startup. But the difference and process that I go through from startup to corporate.

In a startup you get to see up and close how the company is being run. How the founders manage and hustle between task. From cold calling client, to presenting in our company town hall session, to getting our toilet fix, to the late night delivery that need to get into the hand of client tomorrow morning.

In corporate you see none of that, but instead you get to see how systems and process manage 100s of engineers working toward a single goal single project. The intricate system that connects all the effort in getting things done. This is what I learnt in the past 2 month, the most productive 2 months I had for a while.

to be continue…